Anne Parsons
08/21/2013 11:00am

So, I get the whole thing about this having to go through the process and I'm not losing faith. But I'm concerned that 5 councilmen get to vote and however many on the planning board (I don't know) on my behalf. Shouldn't we be allowed to do our own voting on such a big change to the structure of our neighborhood and our town. Can't we ask to put this question on the electoral ballot to get an idea of what the entire town feels about it? Not just the few who came out last night?

Raymond Webb
09/15/2013 7:18pm

Thats the idea, Let us submit a motion to put off the vote untill we get to vote this coming election to put in those who will back our concerns. There also needs to be a motion to have the town attorny resign in the light of all the questionable money's his firm is making from our taxes.


Most Condorcet methods have a single round of voting, in which each voter ranks the candidates from top to bottom. A voter's ranking is often called his or her order of preference, although it may not match his or her sincere order of preference since voters are free to rank in any order they choose and may have strategic reasons to misrepresent preferences.

06/23/2016 9:57pm

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