Anne M. Parsons
02/12/2013 1:44pm

When the township attorney's behavior was as rude and obnoxious as it was last night, it was apparent that this was a done deal and that the planning board was voting in favor. This wouldn't taste so bad if the majority of the main artery of the township (Route 46) didn't have SO many vacant buildings. If there was no other choice but to build on this last piece of natural land, it might be different. But the hardest thing to digest is knowing that this planning board succeeded in taking the Pride OUT of a chunk of Parsippany. I sure don't feel proud by their decision.

02/22/2013 9:03am

We are past the Feb. 11th meeting. My concern is whether we need to show up for Feb. 25th Planning Board Meeting. Can anyone shed any light on this.


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