Nick Homyak
03/04/2013 5:22pm

It is not "economic development" it is just a property owners' unreasonable expectation to profit from an investment backed scheme that will destroy a vital ecological resource of improvement for our aquifers and associated wetlands. The land being threatened is necessary for water recharge and bio-diversity so that our future health and present state of place and community remains of some quality. Parsipanny must enter a new time of post growth; not rezoning schemes that simply ignore environmental improvement objectives for business as usual that benefits no one. It's the Devils work.

03/12/2013 9:08am

One thing your new Web-page left out about waterview's rezoning negative impacts. It will be literally; "zoned for trash". Litter will increase. Our American Landscapes are already trashed to the point of impossibility now by corporate convenience products. Intervail road though relatively clean compared to say other roadways is still noticeably litter by the public. Dunkin Donuts debris are common in the area. Mayor Barberio must think he can replace 27 acres of trees, ancient soil and contour slopes; geology itself with a rain barrel..


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