Ron Owens
01/25/2013 6:56pm

THanks for taking this on! It's an important job!

Andrew Liput
02/02/2013 2:34pm

You folks need to immediately raise funds for your own attorney and experts. Although the Board may be trying to rush this through, there are legal options to appeal if you can demnstrate that the board ignored real evidence against the project. To do that you need to introduce your own evidence through expert testimony and have an attorney lay out the legal oppoistion to the plan on the record (violates master plan, buffers, etc.). This way you have a record for an appeal which can find its way to the Superior Court in Morristown. Ultimately politicians respond to voters. Most in town probably won office with less than a few hundred vote plurality. If enough residents appear on February 11th they may feel enough heat to start listening to their constituents instead of ignoring them or silencing them. Good luck!!

Anne Parsons
02/05/2013 10:04am

Let's not forget our Governor who supports Open Space and Green Acres. The prospect of the overlay affecting the entire 132 acre Waterview Corporate Park is as much of a concern as the 27 acres that is currently wooded. Let's let our Governor know what is being proposed and see if his office can help.


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